I live in small town Ohio with my husband, 10 month old son, 2 huskies, and 1 sassy cat. We're all packed into a small 1927 fixer upper that we've been renovating for the past three years. I love beautiful things but I'm also minimalist at heart that loves everything to have a place and to make the most of what we have.

comfy clothes and surrounded by babies, dogs, & love.

Ok so you've seen the pretty pictures but this is the everyday me.

My store quickly became the top store in the region for sales, and they started sending me all around the northeast US to teach other stores to merchandise home decor in a way that would make customers feel like they had to buy everything in the display. It was my dream job. I loved every single second of those 15 hour days.

During that time, our store's employees started referring everyone to me with questions about how to decorate their homes, make things they couldn't find, and eventually it all led to me starting my own business. And that's how I ended up here!

I was fresh out of college with a degree I had just discovered I had no interest in actually making a career of (FACE PALM!) and needed something to pay my bills. Somehow, I almost immediately landed an assistant store manager position with Hobby Lobby (actually it's called God) and I discovered I had an inner creative passion that had been hiding my entire life.

My specialty became building home decor merchandising displays that didn't just show Hobby Lobby's new merchandise. These displays SOLD our merchandise. To the tune of millions.

it all started with that magical store we all know & love called hobby lobby

So what's my background? How did I even get into all these creative passions?

some of my favorite things