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When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wasn’t going to want the classic blue or pink themes or brightly colored everything (yes, yes I know colors are important for a baby’s development but I’m HIDING all that stuff away in baskets when it’s not being used!). Neutrals make my brain happy in a way I can’t describe. There’s so much going on in my brain space 24/7, that visually, I need soft neutral calming colors around me to survive and focus. Crazy sounding? Yes, I know lol! But I know there’s an entire community of fellow neutral lovers out there just like me from Instagram and Pinterest, so I’m just embracing it and running with it. Are you a neutral lover too and have kids or a baby on the way? I’ve got you covered, sister. Here are some of my FAVORITE baby products I’ve found over the past year that are both beautiful and practical.

**Below are quite a few affiliate links for products I purchased with my own money and love whole heartedly. Amazon has provided me with affiliate product links to receive compensation for sharing at no additional cost to you. By clicking on these links and buying directly from them, you actually help support our family and ensure that I can continue to pour all my time and effort into this blog. Thanks so much!**

Blossom and Pear Baby Book & Chat Books Prints

Instagram ads sucked me in with this baby book. I was actually in the hospital recovering from my delivery when this book popped up in my stories and I immediately fell in love. It has a minimalistic but beautiful design and it’s SOOO easy to fill out and use. Unlike another baby book I ordered when I first found out I was pregnant, this one doesn’t require you to spend hours writing. You just fill in the blanks and add a few photos, and ta-da: you look like an accomplished, well-put together mom that documents all her baby’s milestones with ease.

I ordered 5×5 prints from Chat Books and they fit perfectly in the blank photo spaces. I think it took me less than 10 minutes to order the prints from start to finish because Chat Books has this magical easy-to-use app that you can upload photos into and order directly from. Best part? Each print is only 50 cents. In addition to prints, they also have photo books and you can order directly from your Instagram feed. How cool is that? If you’d like to try Chat Books out, you can use code ANGELACOCHRAN-M4ZG to get your first photo book free (up to $10 off).

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger

Oh where do I start with this one! We have the most finicky sleeper – all the stars have to align in the most perfect way to actually get Jase to sleep and make him stay asleep. He’s 8 weeks old and we haven’t really slept or formed a coherent thought for 6 weeks. In a last ditch desperate effort, I ordered this lounger last week and we’ve had it for 2 days. In the last 2 days, I’ve been able to shower and apply makeup, cook a real dinner, watch the bachelor premiere with my husband, sleep 6 hours, and write two blog posts. This thing is magic – he won’t allow a swaddle above his waist but this lounger cocoons him tightly enough from the back and sides to keep him deeply asleep. Praise. the. Lord. It also has the prettiest, minimal design and comes in a ton of neutral colors! No need to hide this one away when it’s not in use.

Amazon Fleece Sleepers

Not the most life changing find but I love these sleepers and will be purchasing them in every size till summer. 1) They don’t have a hideous print or color. 2) They’re the thickest, warmest pajamas I’ve come across. 3) They’ve held up the best through multiple washings – a lot of fleece baby clothes pill after 1-2 washings but these do not. 4) They’re gender neutral so you can keep them for more babies to come or they make the perfect gift for any winter baby mommas!

Wall Print from Still Novel

Another time the Instagram ads got me good. This company has such a cool concept for wall keepsakes. You go to their website and upload your favorite photo of your baby (or wedding, they do wedding prints too!). Then you fill in the blanks of a brief questionnaire about the date, place, and time of their birth (or your wedding) and a gorgeous print auto generates with your picture, all the information you filled in, and random cool facts about that day and year. It’s SUCH a unique keepsake – I had zero self control and ordered a print for Jase’s nursery immediately.

Bib Pacifiers

These pacifiers are so cute and they’re amazing. The hospital sent us home with those generic blue rubber pacifiers and I spent an entire week constantly replacing the paci in his mouth time after time after time. I had a box of these bib pacifiers from my registry and finally pulled on out after we had momentarily lost all the blue ones. As soon as I did, I wondered WHYYYY did I wait so long to pull these out. They have more of a round bulb nipple for your baby to suck on and he will keep it in his mouth so much longer. You might actually be able to walk away for 10 minutes, do something you’ve been hoping to accomplish, and come back to him sound asleep with it still sitting perfectly in his mouth. Praise be – that’s a beautiful feeling. They also come in a ton of gorgeous muted colors, work perfectly with beaded clip holders, and most importantly (if you’re catching the theme here) look adorable too!

Toys from the Hearth & Hand Line

Joanna Gaines has been inspiring all of us for a few years now and we love her to death. But let me tell you about one more magical thing she’s done for all of us boy mommas. She’s curated a beautiful line of neutral toys that you can display in your baby boys room, they can play with, and your heart will be so full because they’re actually PRETTY. Magnolia Market had this wooden truck but it’s since been discontinued. However each season, there’s a new neutral toy and play house in the Target Hearth and Hand line. This tractor is from the fall 2019 line and there is the cutest little train set in the Christmas/winter line. I’ll be eagerly waiting to see what she comes up with for all the seasons to come and definitely buying one of the play houses at some point.

Amazon Diaper Bag

I know Freshly Picked diaper bags are the “in” bags to purchase right now if you’re a new mom. But I tend to be a rebel – if every single momma influencer is promoting the same thing, it kind of makes me not want to buy it because I like to be different. I also couldn’t justify the high price tag in my head. So I turned to Amazon for a neutral diaper bag that is boy momma appropriate and husband approved. I love this diaper bag and it’s 1/5 the price. The outside is waterproof and wipeable, there’s tons of pockets for everything you could possibly need, and you can hang it up in your entryway and it blends in perfectly with the rest of your home. That’s a huge win and money saver in my book.

I could probably keep going forever about things I’ve found for our baby boy that I love but I’ll stop there. These are my all time favorites thus far and I highly recommend each and every one of them. If you’re a soon-to-be new momma or you’re looking for the perfect gift for a mom, you can’t go wrong with any of these purchases! And if you’re a neutral lover like me, you probably just breathed a sigh of relief that yes, indeed there are a few beautiful baby things out there that do exist, aren’t brightly primary colored, and don’t clutter up your home…..and soul. 😉


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